By Claire Burianek

Oh aspen tree, 

your regal grace astounds me. 

Your steadiness grounds me. 

Your abundance overwhelms me. 

Oh aspen tree, 

if only we 

could learn to stay rooted 

in truth as you do. 

Oh aspen tree, 

marvelous example 

of living in 

harmonious community. 

Oh aspen tree, 

you are steadfast 

no matter the season- 

we can rely on you. 

Oh aspen tree, 

the forest creatures 

are lucky to have 

your guiding hand for shelter. 

Oh aspen tree, 

every time I look out the window 

there you are, 

waving back at me. 

Oh aspen tree, 

your leaves remind me 

of the joy 

that pausing to dance can bring. 

Oh aspen tree, 

you are ever graceful, 

ever true, ever giving, 

ever enduring, ever beautiful. 

I thank you by protecting you 

the way you protect all of us.