By Rebecca Briesmoore

Editor’s Note: This is a cross-posted blog entry from first year Master’s of Environmental Management (MEM) student Rebecca Briesmoore. The piece was originally published on her website on July 17, 2021. You can find more of her work at

Meet me in the woods
where the trees meet the shore
and the wind flirts with the leaves.
Meet me where the silence begs for reverence
and even breathing is a ruckus.
Meet me here, where I sit at rest
while ants work around me
and a dragonfly cleans it’s face on my knee.
Meet me where my flesh feels the earth
a reminder of the past and the future too
where the depths of me whisper home.
Meet me where the water mirrors the sky
and the fish jump to meet it.
Sit with me here
as time falls away
and the air massages my weary bones.
Meet me here at the water’s edge
And maybe we’ll never go back.