By Emma Omid

To all those people
Who have been praising the heat
Laying in the sun
Thinking summer is neat
I say
Finally the leaves are turning colors
And the wind has a nip
That reminds you to pick
Between a treat or a trick
And the crunch under your tires
Makes you smile, not frown
And the crackling from a fire
Can finally replace the hum
Your AC has drilled in your head
Making you feel kind of glum
And don’t forget the blankets
Or the hot chocolate or the Who’s
Because by golly
I’m ready for those warm little shoes
To come pattering by
My crystallized window
So I look at the walls
Surrounded by summer
I put up some leaves, some turkeys,
Get you ready for some
Because here comes the candy, the pie,
The striped little canes
Here comes the warmth found only in winter
The light found only in fall
Here comes a few of the colder months,
They are best ones of all.