Photos by Abigail Krueger

This past Friday, April 14, Western musicians, writers, and artists had the chance to show off their talents in Quigley Hall as part of the annual Western Arts Showcase.

Matthew Holsopple, president of the WordHorde club

“This event was fantastic to be a part of and to help organize. Being given the opportunity to read my story as the president of WordHorde was super exciting and I love how the event gave students the opportunity to showcase their work and get practice speaking in front of a group,” relayed Matthew Holsopple (pictured above).

“I’m singing tonight, joined and accompanied by Vincent Hollander. This event was so exciting for us to put together. The Council for Creative Expression (CCE) has so much to offer this campus and community and we really wanted to create an opportunity to showcase all of our students creation,” said Natalie Edwards, the student artistic director for the Western Theatre Company (above).

Pathfinder, the creative arts magazine, unveiled their annual edition
A variety of visual art was on display
The Quigley Gallery
Vincent Hollander performs