Photos by Abigail Krueger.

“We are hosting this (event) through Residence Life, specifically [with] the Mears Complex RAs. It’s part of our residential curriculum, so everything we do comes from an educational lens – part of that is de-stressing for finals week. This is part of our non-profit initiative; all the proceeds go to the Gunnison Country Food Pantry (GCFP). We wanted to give back to our community because that is what it’s all about to be a Mountaineer! We are in community with one another and with the Gunnison Valley. So, coming out, having fun, maybe taking out some of that pent up frustration on our RAs or RDs, and giving that money to help those who are experiencing food insecurity is what this event was all about!” says Resident Director Gage Deeter (pictured on the right).
“It was super fun being able to relax from the stresses of the end of the semester,” says Alyssia Soto, a freshman pictured pieing Gary Pierson.
The aftermath.
Jodi Payne eyes Anastasia Davis.
Rachel Seymour-Newton
Aleyah Tomkins pieing Ross Mcnally
Zachary Flowers
Kaden Kosma (left) gets in on the pieing action.