By Emma Omid

Today, I was told to be a rockstar.
I was told to dress up
And be ready to lip synch
And dance around like
The world wasn’t watching.
I didn’t want to be a rockstar.
I didn’t want to pretend like no one could see me
Like I was more confident, more outgoing
More than…
I wanted to wrap up in a coat
And hide in the corner
And watch as all the other actors
Did what I was supposed to,
What I’d always wanted to.
I wanted to stay home
And snuggle under a blanket
And drink hot chocolate
As if the first snow of the season
Was a bit more than a flurry.
I didn’t want to be a rockstar.
But, you made me do it anyways.
And, although I hate to admit it,
I enjoyed every second
That I was up there.