By Claire Burianek

Roses gifted by a lover,

kissing in the rain, 

enemies turned lovers. 

A ballerina’s mangled feet. 

A happy ending, 

sweets for children, 

dressing up for date night. 

Ribs protruding outward. 

Vacations somewhere sunny, 

days from long ago,  

having someone to hold. 

Excessive rest following excessive exertion. 

Hiking a vast mountain, 

ink across your skin, 

living the dream life. 

A real excuse to feel depressed. 

A snack chosen at midnight, 

alcohol with friends, 

the freedom of growing up. 

Painful perfection. 

Living among nature, 

or in tiny spaces, 

flying to a new place. 

Dissolving into nothing. 

Snow blanketed lands, 

secretive professions, 

following trends. 

Constant cold. 

Bathing in sunlight, 

sipping from a steaming mug, 

steady rainfall watched from indoors. 

A mottled complexion.


I cling to the impossible.